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It's a Comrade Thanksgiving! Helen LaStar (Falling in Love Montage) and Ryan Lynch (Disivisive Issues and Oops, I Talked Politics) want to tell you what they're thankful for.


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Let's talk Jesus talk! Malcolm guides Justin through a few common motivational phrases taken from the church, and how far they've strayed from their original context. Hear Malcolm speak more about religion on episode 23 of Oops, I Talked Politics!


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WARNING: this episode contains dark horror themes and several acts of violence. If it sounds like too much, there’s no shame in skipping it. On this episode, Darryl and Sly (Divisive Issues, Oops I Talked Politics!) join Ryan (Tales from the Static) on a trip through a place very unlike your day-to-day world, a dark corner of the human mind known only as...The Comrade Zone.

Darryl Steffen “Hook” [1:50]
Sly Krappa “Inconsistencies” [20:30]
Ryan Healey “In The Road” [36:00]

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The music is by Seclorance.

Helen LaStar (Falling in Love Montage) takes the reigns of the show this week, with a handful of cherry-picked online personality test questions. She somehow convinced her comrades, Justin Vignola and Malcolm Nygard, to answer them with her. The answers are posted on our LiveJournal pages. No, we won't share our accounts with you.


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To cap off Movie Week over on the website, we have a few movie reviews, reviews? Too formal, movie *experiences*. The network hosts carefully crafted a list of 100 Movies Everyone Should See, ready as we speak at ComradeRadio.com/blog, and we thought a few of us would pick from those and try something new. So enjoy network chief Malcolm, A-Ryan from Divisive Issues and Oops I Talked Politics, and Helen from Falling in Love Montage trying brand new movies and sharing their thoughts.

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You Haven't Theme and editing by Malcolm Nygard

Girl's night! Vanessa (of Square Roots) takes Helen and Valerie (both of Falling in Love Montage) through the proper etiquette paces of the 1920s! They cover the basics of proper greetings, how to successfully host a dinner party, and how to politely vomit in public.


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Malcolm and A-Ryan get together to reminisce about their history with learning musical instruments, being in bands, and learning what their style was. Listen as they bond over being a bass player and some of the turning points in their creative processes.

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Spinning off a concept Malcolm wrote about on the blog, Malcolm, A-Ryan, Phil, and Helen pick some of their favorite moments of graduating from one character that was easy to love to a more complex, and better one.

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Ryan Healey and six other Comrade Radio hosts have a candid conversation about creative endeavors that never saw the light of day.
Check out the Comrade Radio Blog to see what we’re talking about: http://comraderadio.com/wp-blog/shelved/

Guests: Malcolm Nygard (Apoc Radio), Sly Krapa, Darryl Steffen and Ryan Lynch (Divisive Issues and Oops! I Talked Politics), Helen LaStar (Falling in Love Montage) and Owen Choules (Classic Shmassic).

Theme song by Ept. This episode features “Tube of Wonderful” by Dave Pirner.






Camp Comrade continues with another summer themed event! Today we have four spooky stories told by four network hosts around the fire. From toys, to phones, to appendages, there's plenty in these stories to unsettle you as the sun goes down.

Thanks to all our presenters- Darryl Steffen, Helen Lastar, Sly Krapa, and Ryan Healey

All music and production by Malcolm Nygard

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Go outside.

July is all about summer during our Camp Comrade event! Justin Vignola hosts as he discusses summer memories and the meaning of summer with various Comrades on the network. Join the Facebook group for summer themed discussions, and subscribe to catch the next episode where Comrades tell spooky campfire stories!

Guests: Jim Banks (Square Roots and Instant Classic), Ryan Healey (Tales from the Static), Helen LaStar (Falling in Love Montage), Ryan Lynch (Divisive Issues and Oops! I Talked Politics), and John Brandon (Square Roots).

Fun fact: the transition music in this episode was chosen by asking each guest for a tune that most reminded them of summer. The songs are: “Blood Red Summer” By Coheed and Cambria (Jim), “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie (Ryan Healey), “Helles Mondlicht” by Super Moonies (Helen), “Going Away to College” by Blinl-182 (Ryan Lynch), “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry (John), and “Soul Rebels” by Reflection Eternal (Justin).






This week Darryl and Malcolm get out of their comfort zone, yet right in their wheelhouse as they attempt to create the plot of a story in exactly thirty minutes.  With prompts and timed plot twists submitted by other Comrades, they'll take turns crafting characters and conflict, as all the while the clock continues to tick.

Comrade Radio theme by ept. More original music at ept.nyc

Edited by Justin Vignola

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Justin and Malcolm have a long history of either living together or working together, over many creative projects. One of them is usually coming up with ideas, the other offers essential advice and hard truths. Enjoy this abridged history of the creation of the podcast Apoc Radio, and a dive into the struggles of the writing process.

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Edited by the same Justin Vignola

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Network wizards Helen and A-Ryan whisper the ancient words and cast their collective magic once again in an all-new original episode. Hear them talk on their comedic influences across media, and the realization that they were "the funny one". 

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Edited by Justin Vignola

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We complete the set of network guests yet again (until we add another show) by having Valerie from Falling in Love Montage on. Besides talking about our shows, we get into an unorthodox hobby of hers, dissecting her own brand of people watching, and what we can learn about others and ourselves from staring when we maybe shouldn't.

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Podcasting can be long and hard work, but if all goes well the listeners only hear the perfect finished product. Today we go behind the scenes and into the homes of five network hosts to talk to the ones that put up with them and support them. Five brave significant others tell us just what it's like to share a roof with a busy radio professional, from their least favorite aspects to their advice and positive takeaways.

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All of your favorite Comrade Radio hosts got together and put together a music compilation! Every host donated two songs and Malcolm spun them into a playlist. Justin and Ryan took the concept one step further and took to their mics to discuss their choices for you listening pleasure.

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Songs discussed on this episode:

"Alive with the Glory of Love" by Say Anything

"Screen" by Twenty One Pilots

"Die Alone" by Ingrid Michaelson

"In the Meantime" by Spacehog

"I Fell in Love Today" by Ween

"Gotta Knock a Little Harder" by The Seatbelts

Today's episode comes with a little tag that reads "NEW SHOW!"

Falling in Love Montage is a show that takes apart "chick flicks" to find out what makes them tick, and we're pleased to have it on our network. Helen, one of its cohosts is here today to confess all about her hypochondriac tendencies, and to figure out exactly what's wrong with her.

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