New Show

We're excited to add another show to the network! Helen and Valerie from Falling in Love Montage cover everything "chick flick", from the tropes to the heart stopping moments. Learn more about our latest addition here.

Two New Network Shows!

This week we're exciting to launch two new spinoff hosts from our existing network members. The boys from Divisive Issues have decided to branch out into a politics podcast called Oops, I Talked Politics! and Matthew and Jim from Square Roots are starting a second video game show, Instant Classic, about new releases. Be sure to rate and subscribe, and congratulations, guys!

New Show!

Another great addition! Ryan from Tales from the Static does TV recaps from an 80's horror anthology show. These stories range from the cheesy to the creepy. Start listening here.

New Show

We're very excited to welcome the podcast Divisive Issues to the network! Ryan, Sly, Phil, and Darryl know a lot about comic books, and have great episodes about some of the most controversial books ever made. Be sure to check out their social media and their new episodes. Welcome, guys!

New: Blog Section

The Blog portion of the site is up and running!

The various network hosts will be occasionally posting articles on a variety of topics, so check back here or follow on social media to see each new post.