2017 is terrible. Anyone who disagrees is probably a jerk. However, one of the few good things is the wave of men being held accountable for being total pieces of garbage. The list of men being accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault is never ending and every American industry is starting to flush out […]

It’s the anniversary of the day the world went mad, Election Day 2016. One year later, over a dozen listeners and hosts take us back to 2016 to revisit the night that Trump won. Did anyone see it coming? We sure as hell didn’t. Featured stories: Darryl from Oops, I Talked Politics! and Divisive Issues, […]

On this episode, we took a break from the usual political topics to talk religion. Darryl and Ryan are joined by network leader Malcolm Nygard and We’ll Get It Right Next Year’s Michael M. Rader to discuss their Christian upbringing and how that factors into their modern liberal sensibilities. For this episode, Ryan builds his […]

It’s election day tomorrow! Please go vote! All politics are local and we need to rebuild the democratic party with progressive candidates! Some resources: https://flippable.org/ – Helps show some races that need volunteers, even just phone calls, to help flip states blue. http://www.vote411.org/ – Shows you your local races and ballots! The Virgina Gubernatorial Race […]

In this episode, we talk about guns. It’s bizarro world so we all play right wing devil’s advocate until Sly agrees centrism is the right way to go. After the brutal mass shooting from a few days ago , we decided to discuss gun control in America (this sentence works regardless of the date you […]

On this episode, we discuss some of the recent waves of protest in America. We start with the NFL kneeling controversy started by Colin Kaepernick. Then we touch upon how Trump has only made the issue more divisive. Plus we cover some history and Antifa. This episode serves as Part 3 in our never-ending argument: […]

On this episode, we give some backstory and context for immigration issues. Then we sit down with Luis, an immigrant from El Salvador who recently got his citizenship. We also spend a lot of time talking about what makes America a great place, both for the people that are already here and those looking to […]

On this episode, we attempt to answer questions that have been plaguing society for years. Can you separate the art from the artist? Where do we draw the line? When is it fair to superimpose the context of the artist into analysis of the original text? Is it hypocritical to call out unethical consumption when […]

In this episode, we discuss North Korea and what we should do about it. In order to come to the conclusion that we have no idea what to do about it. Special Guest Lauren returns again to talk with the non-Ryan hosts this time. She helps drop some knowledge on Kim Jung-un’s country and the […]

On this episode, the four of us are back together for a serious episode about the horrid events in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you don’t know, we recap the events of the “Unite The Right” rally, and give some context with a brief history of the KKK and white supremacy in America. We discuss a different […]

This was originally planned to be part of Episode 16 -on what it’s like to be outside of the partisan binary in American politics, but as you’ll hear, it ran too long to be included, but was way too interesting to be left on the cutting room floor. Ryan sat down with his Dad, retired […]

On this episode, Ryan interviewed regular host Sly and regular listener Evan. Neither of them fit into either political party. Sly is further left than the Democratic party and Evan’s between them. Is Sly a filthy commie? Is Evan a milquetoast centrist? Are both sides just as bad? (No) Don’t worry too much, Sly and […]

The boys are back, well… not Phil. So we brought in Jon, an avid conservative media consumer (especially Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity) to help us break down just why these monsters are so popular. We also give a (not so) brief history of Roger Ailes and his role in the creation of the modern […]

The boys are out having fun and Ryan wasn’t invited, so he’s having a girl’s night out! He welcomes Helen, Lauren, and Alana to discuss issues facing women today. Some topics discussed: Feminism Was Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th a victory for women? Trump’s remarks about females (especially Mika Brezinkski) a Freudian analysis of […]

To follow up our last informative episode on Climate Change, we’re going to do some factless fearmongering about the dystopian machine future. The gang decides to talk about automation and the machine workforce replacing humans. Since data is scarce on this issue, we quickly devolve into a discussion about how machines are going to kill […]

In this episode, we discuss another source of our impending doom: Climate Change. Trump has signaled he is leaving the Paris agreement, so we decided explain the agreement and the apocalyptic future it at least tried to address. Ryan overcomes his shame and plays high school science teacher while Sly affectionately gives a fun pet […]

In this episode, the gang talks about one of the scariest figures on the modern world stage: Pootie-Poot. With the all the recent news about Trump and Russia, we decided to talk about Putin and the Cold War II that has been developing in recent years. We also talk about the literal liberal fake news […]

In this episode, the gang prepares for death. The AHCA has passed the House and we scrapped our previous show idea to discuss it as it moves to the Senate. We also discuss the flawed but vastly superior Obamacare it is replacing. Sly reveals a lot about his twisted Communist world view. Ryan demands everyone […]

In this episode, the gang discuss President Ronald Reagan and the downward spiral in America he represents. Darryl couldn’t be here today but his spot has been filled by the only other fiancée in the world, Chrissy. Ryan spends most of this episode divulging everything he knows about Borking while Sly gets mad about Presidents […]

In this episode, the gang discusses a constant struggle within themselves: Which is more important? Being a nerd or being an SJW? Diversity is being pushed more and more in media. That’s generally a good thing but is there a point where it changes characters too much? George Takei thinks so, but how do our […]